Semi-Final Preparation Resources

Pitch Prep Resources:

Slide Deck:

Click Here to view an example slide deck

Innovation Challenge semi-final slide deck is available online and follows this outline. The slide deck is not required but highly recommended as a means of streamlining your ideas during the quick pitch block.

1.       Name and a quick one –liner about what your business does

2.       Identify the problem that the business/idea addresses (including who has that problem)

3.       Tell how your business/idea solves that problem/makes it better

4.       Identify what the market is for your business/idea

a.       Who are your customers?

b.      Where are they (are they geographically bound?)

5.       What is the market for your business/idea –

a.       Market size (how much money is out there to be spread around to this idea?)

b.      How much will each customer spend on your business?

c.       How many customers will your business get?

6.       Describe in more detail how your business/idea/product will actually work when the customer uses it (how does your business work?)

7.       Where do you make money/ generate revenue?  Might consider how much does it cost to run your business/idea

8.       Who are you competitors in this space

9.       Who are you?  Who is on your team?  What skills do you bring?

10.   How could you use the prize money from the innovation challenge?

11.   Contact details and name of business/idea again.