Q: How long will the Innovation Challenge last?
A: The inaugural Launch Party and Info Session was held on October 28, 2019. It began in fall 2019 and will culminate in spring 2020. For calendar of events see website at

Q: Why is the Innovation Center doing this?
A: This is one of many ways that the Anderson College of Business embraces its vision of stewardship. We want the Regis community to succeed—students, faculty, staff, and alumni.

Q: How many are signing up to compete in the Innovation Challenge?
A: It's up to you. As of the Oct. 28 launch, teams are still in the process of networking and signing up. (Note that each team must include at least one Regis student).

Q: When do I have to enter my idea into the Challenge?
A: You can declare your interest as a business idea at any time up until December 8, 2019. Finalists to compete in the spring will be determined at the semifinals on December 9-11. You should declare before those deadlines in order to be part of the challenge and to get scheduled to pitch. These should consist of four-minute pitches (slide deck presentations encouraged). See “The Challenge” tab for judging criteria outline.

Q: What happens at the Open House/Check Ins on November 12 and November 26, 2019?
A: You can get answers to any questions you have about the Innovation Challenge, discuss your idea, and receive feedback. Fill out the Regis StartupTree online and join a team or find one at

Q: What if I can't attend the Open House/Check Ins?
A: If you can’t attend, email us!

Q: I need a headshot to make my LinkedIn or other social media profiles look more professional. Where can I have one taken?
A: We will have a professional photographer taking headshots at the November 12 and November 26, 2019 open houses, from 6:00 – 9:00 p.m. Other times and purposes by appointment.

Q: Where can I find the Challenge calendar and other information?
A: Visit the website at

Q: When does the Challenge end?
A: The 2019-20 Innovation Challenge culminates in the finals competition following the 4th Annual Alumni Matrix Meetup on April 12, 2020. Details and RSVP link to be announced.

Q: How often is the Innovation Challenge held?
A: A new Innovation Challenge competition kicks off every fall semester, at which time we accept applications for the next Student Director position(s).